Day to Night.

You plan for a day out and dress casually for the occasion. It hits five or six in the afternoon and you realize you will be out for the remainder of the evening. We face this dilemma  pretty frequently, especially as college students. Often times, going back home to change is not an option, so I decided  to conquer that mission this week. I took a LBD       (little black dress) from day to night.  The same dress serves both purposes– it only took an adjustment in accessories to pull these looks together.

Featured Fave of the Week: Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen

This album sets Jepsen apart from her “Call Me Maybe” days, and is reminiscent of 80’s pop songs.  I highly recommend “Making the Most of the Night”, which compliments this  week’s theme.

Thoughts? Drop a line below!


Dress: H & M

Denim Vest: H & M

Flats: DSW

Necklace: Lauren Conrad

Bracelets: Ann Taylor, Etsy


Blazer: Macy’s

Flats: Bandolino

Bangles: Target Styles




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