“Vacation Like You Mean It”



This week’s post revolves around all things fairy dust and Seuss related.  Whether you are going to Universal Studios in Orlando or Cedar Point in Sandusky, a theme park typically translates into warm weather and long lines. My fashion choices reflect the need to remain comfortable  in peaking temperatures while not straying away from my personal style. Gingham prints are back for the summer time!! While I browsed the clothing at H&M, I noticed that while the cuts of dresses and blouses have changed this year, this classic pattern never goes out of style. For those us who are not rollercoaster enthusiasts, there’s something at these parks for you.

Featured Fave of the Week:  Disney Movies and their respective soundtracks.  Blasting ” I Have a Dream” on the car ride over was basically the best thing ever.

Comments? Drop a line below letting me know what you like  most about theme parks!

Blouse: H&M

Shorts: Hollister

Belt and Wristlet: Target

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Ked’s




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