Life’s A Picnic (Basket)


With fourth of July around the corner, many people are spending the rest of June grilling burgers on charcoal and  drinking cool refreshments outdoors. This week, I brought this imagery to life with a picnic of my own. Having spent my fair share of hours out in the sun, a maxi skirt-tank- ensemble paired with my favorite sandals made for the most comfortable/ wearable outfit. Bringing out a blanket and patterned pillows gave way to lots of room for lounging outside with friends.  This layout, along with fresh fruit in colorful plates and a cool glass of Mama Chia’s BlackBerry Hibiscus, made for a great day out in the sun.


Two Piece: Ann Taylor

Sandals: Hollister

Pillows and Blanket: Ikea

Accessories: Target

Featured Fave of the Week:  Dolce& Gabbana Light Blue. 

I love this light floral scent,  especially the fact that it has really great lasting power throughout the day!  It’s the perfect  fresh, yet feminine perfume for the summer months.




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