Top: American Eagle

Jeans: American Eagle

Oxfords: TBA

This week’s post is all about the off-the-shoulder trend. Whether you are embracing the trend through a top or  a dress- it is reminiscent of  the classic beauties that made it popular in the 50’s. Yes, I’m referring to Grace Kelly  and Audrey Hepburn. Obviously, the version that is now ubiquitous  in magazines  and making its way into the closets of millions of women is much different. I like that fashion is cyclical, but also that two eras  are never identical. This trend is versatile: you can style it casually with a pair of Oxfords and light fitted jeans like I did, or opt for a skirt and printed heels for a more formal look.

Featured Fave of the Week: Grey’s Anatomy

For those of you unfamiliar with the  show, I recommend starting it asap. I jumped on the Grey’s bandwagon much later than most, but binge watched so many episodes that I am      (almost) caught up. Although this television show strays drastically from my interests in the fashion industry– (the medical field is not my calling), the  characters basically become your best friends, and the drama intensifies even more every season.

Overall rating: 4.8 /5



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