This week’s post is all about finding pieces for your home that reflect your personal style!

In the midst of shopping for my own apartment, I ventured off to IKEA for the afternoon.  IKEA is not only economical but tremendously versatile, there is something for everyone’s taste!  Although I won’t be updating my kitchen cabinets anytime soon,  I loved browsing through the various options, ranging from light wood to a more classical dark wood finish. ( Hardcore HGTV fans, where you at)?

Ikea specializes  in maximizing small spaces, which is perfect for college students like myself. Larger furniture tends to overwhelm small spaces, so the scale of the furniture fits the average college apartment, while remaining modern at the same time.

White walls can feel dull, so choosing an accent color, like one hidden in your cabinets, can freshen up the space. For me personally,  I took the turquoise color of my cabinets into the living room through accent pillows, and decorative boxes.

Whether you’re updating your space for the summer through a bright colored throw, or purchasing new bedroom furniture,  I hope some of my personal style tips help you in your own homes.


Sweater: Vintage

Jeans: Uniqlo

Chokers: DIY ( If you’re interested in a DIY, let me know in the comments below! 🙂 )



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