5 Back to School Essentials


Hey everyone!

With school quickly approaching, I wanted to use this week’s post  to make your lives a little bit easier. Back to school season entails more than spiral notebooks and #2 pencils, especially if you’re starting college this fall!  For example, a pair of Oxfords doubles as your  go -to for your Monday afternoon art class  and a night out with new friends.  In terms of book bags, I tend to gravitate towards backpacks with simple designs and classic fits.  This bag features the tassel trend that I have been seeing everywhere, ranging from clothing to decor items for the home.  Additionally, a”good” eye shadow palette, such as the Naked 3 by Urban Decay ( a cruelty- free company!) will be your  go-to for years to come.  The eyeshadows are tremendously creamy and long lasting; I’ve owned mine for over a year and haven’t hit pan on any of the shadows.

Whether you are interning at an advertising agency or  prepping a blog post in the late hours of the night, Adobe Photoshop is crucial, and often times, a life saver.

Wishing you all lots of luck in preparing for the start of another school year!





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