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Hey everyone!

Coming to you guys with a (slightly) delayed blog post this week. The days are getting busier, and it’s hard to believe October is already around the corner. However, the time I devote to blogging is always my favorite, especially because it provides a respite from studying. It’s only September and I am already preparing my closet with scarves and my Spotify ready to blast Michael Buble and drink hot chocolate (it’s never too early, despite what other people tell you). Although I have never been to a  pumpkin patch, I was inspired to incorporate them into my fall series. They are one item on everyone’s shopping list, whether for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or the countless number of PSL Starbuck’s orders to be made this year.  What I love most about this time of year is the layering that you can do (weather permitting). This military jacket provides me with the necessary warmth on a slightly cooler day. I’m not talking snow storms, but when temperatures dip in the 50s and 60s, I plan to wear this pretty frequently. One of my favorite elements in this dress is it’s mock neck, since it plays on the turtleneck trend without detracting from the stripes. Anyone who knows me knows that my vision is by no means 20/20, so opting for a pair or frames, such as this tortoise shell pair, can be the finishing touch to a look.

I hope that you are all as excited for fall as I am! Drop a line down below letting me know.

Featured Fave of the Week: Dancing With The Stars. Watching other talented individuals dance is the best start to every week, especially with my case of the Mondays. The show just returned with a member of the Final Five– I couldn’t get enough of Laurie in Rio and can’t wait to see her performance.

Dress: Gift/ Military Jacket: PacSun/ Moccasins: Ann Taylor

Until next week,





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