Hey everyone!

Coming to you guys this week with a post all about my new favorite fall trend–velvet. Designers have been especially apt to use the fabric, as it seems to be the talk of the runway. Whether imagined through a bright colored jumpsuit or a blazer-trouser ensemble, velvet conveys elegance in a modern way. I wear dresses over skirts any day of the week, but I’m starting to notice how versatile a well fitted skirt is. This button front skirt with scalloped detailing adds femininity to any outfit, and I can easily transition it into the colder months ahead. Although I can still get away with the luxury of wearing shorts and rompers for a few more weeks, being able to wear a chunky sweater and drink hot chocolate ( without any judgment) is something that I can’t help but look forward to. Prepping fashion wise for me is the most fun, but the holiday spirit is what I count down to the most. My favorite coffee shop becomes more cozy, and replicating that “homey” feeling is nearly impossible.  It is a place where I can collect my thoughts and unwind after a long day of classes/work/ anything else on the average college student’s mind. I encourage you all to find that comfortable place, separate from your physical home, but one that still evokes that same sense of familiarity.  The future is promising– I’ve made it through another set of midterms, I may have nearly finished my entire pint of coconut milk ice cream, and an online order from Lulus is making its way over. Online shopping has become a bit of a problem for me, especially because I use it under the pretense of “stress” from exams.

Drop a line below letting me know in the comments how your week has been going, and what you are looking most forward to!

T-Shirt + Skirt: Kohl’s/ Jewelry:  Lauren Conrad, Misc/ Shoes: Older pair of Oxfords

See you all soon,



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