Hey everyone!!

Coming to you guys this week with a simple, delicate look. I just received these mules from Lulus last week, so i decided that I would talk about them on the upcoming post! Not only do they provide me with a few inches of height, but they’re also comfortable (all things considered) and super easy to pair. They tie in the cream color in my sweater, permitting the overalls to stand out against the neutral colors. I have been all about this burgundy/ maroon/ wine color, especially for the fall time ( don’t have to look far back considering my scalloped skirt from last week). Midterm season is officially over, so I’ve been able to focus my attention on other endeavors this past week! I’m finally taking some time to hone in on my skills, and look into what I’m looking for in a future job/ career path. Although some could argue I’m way too early in the game, this research process has opened my eyes to the endless number of possibilities in the fashion industry.  From designers and photographers to the social media team behind a company’s online presence, there truly is a position catered to every individual’s interests and needs. I love the idea of getting to explore various routes hopefully sometime soon, and upon graduation.

Confession: I haven’t worn overalls since my days as a 90s kid clad in a denim, Mickey Mouse pair. However, ‘ll probably be called out as an outfit repeater with this pair. Not only are they easy to thrown on, but they make a sweater-boot combo infinitely cuter. I don’t plan on putting these booties away anytime soon, so look forward to more posts on how I style these bad boys!

Sweater: Style&Co/Overalls: H&M/Mules: Lulus

Until next week,



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