Hey everyone!

I took a little bit of a “hiatus” for a few weeks, but I’m back with another post all about embracing sweaters ( because I’ve honestly never met anyone who doesn’t like this time of year). I love layering various prints and fabrics under sweaters, especially collared button downs. I’ve been seeing a lot of  designers incorporate more traditionally masculine pieces/ styles into their clothes this season; a trend known as masculine feminine fashion. Although I can’t say I was ever a tomboy growing up, I’m all for incorporating these into my wardrobe in the coming months ( better late than never, I guess). I’ve actually been really interested in working to improve the layout of my website, and now that school has calmed down until finals week ( SOS, I don’t want December to come, I’m sure college students can relate), I am going to be channeling my time and energy into this blog. Stay tuned for a change in my website’s design soon, and keep up with my daily shenanigans on social media! My Instagram handle is @nicoleakerman

Button down:Hollister/Sweater:H&M/Jeans:Uniqlo/Boots:Lulu’s

See you all next week,


PS: No, i don’t know how to drive a scooter but I can sure pretend to ;).


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