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With the holiday season rolling around, it can prove difficult to find the perfect gift for all of your friends and family. Gift giving made easy: a new fashion series crafted to meet the needs of every fashionable lady in your life.

This week’s post is all about the ’90s girl– the one embellished in chokers and floral bodysuits on the daily, regardless of the occasion.  Since the ’90s are back in the fashion world,  shopping for this look is easier than you could imagine. With a few key pieces, you will be sure to check everything off of her holiday wish list, starting with an ornate choker. Aside from making the perfect stocking stuffers, these accessories are relatively inexpensive, so doubling up is easy.

In addition, this patched denim jacket adds the perfect element of girl-next-door. Whether DIY’d or purchased on mega sale online (like me), it’ll catch the eye of all of her friends, making any ordinary outfit stand out in the crowd. Propped alongside a pair of tinted sunglasses and a bright belt, it’s bound to evoke Cindy Crawford flashbacks.

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Floral Bodysuit: United Colors of Benetton/Denim Jacket: Urban Outfitters/ Choker: Urban Outfitters/ Belt: Target/Boots: Lulus

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