I’m back and better than ever!

While I have kept up via social media, I have wanted to create content for this blog for the last few weeks. I thought that my trip to NYC over spring break would be the perfect opportunity to do so. My sister and I endeavored to the bustling city  from our small college town two weeks from today. Having spent about a week in the city, I have come to the conclusion that you can probably live there for years and still not have hit every spot on the map (I have the twelve miles of steps walked per day to prove it).What I loved most about the city is how artistically driven it is, even as I trekked on 34th street towards Uniqlo ( it seemed to become a habit by the end of my trip), I stumbled upon dozens of characters there- fashion driven, clad in full on costumes, etc.

I thrived in an atmosphere where every individual is pursuing their passion, and although I didn’t know the young man in the suit on the subway, there is an energy that drives me to adventure and explore beyond the bounds of familiarity. One of my great finds: The Strand Bookstore, where I spent a few hours perusing various books while the place itself provided a respite from the cold and windy climate. When it came to how I dressed in the city, I wanted to retain my personal style underneath the layers. This vintage coat is a favorite of mine, something that I may have stolen from my mother’s closet. I can envision myself in a small studio, getting lost in the subway ( I’ve already mastered this skill), and hope to see this come to life post graduation.

Coat: Vintage

Sweater: Lauren Conrad

Jeggings: Macys

Boots: Lulus

Accessories: H&M

Until next time,



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